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May 17, 2011


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I'm curious, since you have had contact with lid manufacturers, how receptive are they to new designs?

Ok Phil, finally someone who appreciates coffee cup lids, so often (and appropriately) taken for granted.
GOTTA ask though, as I didn't see it mentioned: Have you ever noticed the scent of Burger King coffee lids? I swear to you they smell like chocolate. I kid you not! But think about it, every time you take a sip of coffee, where is your nose? Usually mere milimeters, if not touching, the lid. So every time you take a sip of BK coffee, you not only get the great Seattle's Best coffee taste, but the smell of chocolate. BTW, I am disappointed that BK dropped their great coffee in favor of Seattle's Best. Although it is undeniably great coffee, the down side is the loss of my beloved BK "Turbo" blend.

Hi Phil,

I am a Plastics Engineering Consultant and a global Thermoforming Trainer and appreciate your blog on coffee cups and have myself assembled some unique coffee lids and packaging samples around the globe.

I am presently consulting to a a brilliant group of guys at the uVu company, who have come up with some very innovative ideas on lids and safety features. I am told that they have already made contact with you.

The reason for my response is 3 fold, firstly thanks for such a great article, secondly, you can access all the information including drawings at a website called Freepatentsonline http://www.freepatentsonline.com/ so no long tedious trips to the patent archive offices are required and lastly, with reference to Bills comments above, with the advent of new polymers and additives, we now have lids that change color when hot and can with additives include any smell you can think of into the actual package, so although I cannot verify if BK are in fact lacing their lids with chocolate smelling additives, the additives are definitely out there and work well (costly though) as I have incorporated them into some of the products I have designed. I hope to get to meet you one day as I am sure we will have a lot to chat about. Have you seen the disposable tea lid yet? The tea bag is nestled in a little compartment in the lid, so that you can retract it into the cup and soak the bag and with a pull of the string, the bag is pulled back out of the cup and parked in the compartment so you can drink without any concerns about removing the bag. I picked this one up at a truck stop in Austria
Cheers for now

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