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May 17, 2011


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One great thing is they are very accurate in every step of the way.

Hi Mark,

Very interesting stuff my friend, I love the concept of the tea lids! How creative and common-sense that is.
In reference to the scented lids, I'm surprised to hear that it's a relatively costly process, and makes me wonder if BK is really doing that. Fast-food chains are not ones to spend a buck where they don't have to. I will have to stop in my BK again to see if this was just a fluke, or if it's really something they're doing now.

Hi Phil,
I am french and living in France and I collect lids from coffee cream from all countries. it is a great hobby for me.
I have more than 100000 different lids from Switzerland (a great land for coffee with cream !!!) and around 9000 lids from other countries in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Danemark, Spain, Italia, Greece,etc...), from Asia (Japan, China, Hong Kong....) and also from Australia, New Zeeland, USA, Canada etc.....
It would be very nice if we can exchange some of them. I can send you some lids from Switzerland for instance and you'll send me some lids from your side;
Hoping for a possible exchange

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